6-axis collaborative robot

6-axis collaborative robot

October 11, 2018

Yaskawa America, Motoman Robotic Division


Yaskawa Motoman Robotics has partnered with Reeco Automation for the Motoman HC10 collaborative Robot, a 6-axis cobot.

The Motoman HC10 can operate with a payload of 10kg and a reach of 1,200mm without additional protective measures such as a safety fence.

Operator safety is assured by a power and force limit technology that stops the robot in case of contact with an operator. The reduced requirement for external safety measures depends on a risk assessment, but typically the overall footprint and cost of a cobot application is reduced when compared to a traditional industrial robot application.

Ideal applications for the Motoman HC10 cobots are repetitive, manual processes that take place around human workers, such as machine tending, pick-and-place operations and especially those jobs that have the potential for repetition injuries, or require human workers to interact with dangerous machinery.

Reeco specializes in offering solutions for integrating collaborative robots with existing factory equipment and employees including a team of experienced engineers supplying and commissioning robotics into multiple industries.

Reeco Automation engineers designed and manufactured a robotics base (RB) system for the HC10 cobot and its controller. The result is a versatile, mobile solution which is designed to fit into an existing production line, typically for human-robot collaborative assembly.