Walter's coated ceramic indexable inserts

Walter's coated ceramic indexable inserts

October 4, 2021

Walter USA

Walter has introduced a line of coated ceramic indexable inserts, grade WCH10C. The new Walter grade is mixed ceramic Al2O3 + TiC, and provides cost effective machining, including hard machining. The high level of process reliability is due to the high chemical and thermal stability of the aluminum oxide base as well as the negative chamfer T-land), all promoting a strong cutting edge. They feature TiN PVD coating for improved wear detection and surface quality and are available with or without wiper geometry.

The Walter WCH10C inserts deliver high repeat accuracy due to its sintering process and are tough and wear resistant due to the strong connection to their titanium carbide substrate. Optimum surface quality is promoted as well by their uniform grain distribution in the substrate, Walter coated mixed ceramic grade WCH10C inserts can be used effectively on materials ranging in hardness from 45HRC up to 60HRC. The inserts can be a cost-effective alternative to CBN cutting tool materials.

Additionally, WCH10C ceramic grade can be used in case hardened materials where the insert encounters both hard and soft turning conditions simultaneously; an application where CBN usually does not succeed well.