Double-edged grooving, parting off inserts

Double-edged grooving, parting off inserts

May 26, 2021

Walter USA

The Walter Cut DX18 double-edged grooving and parting off inserts with insert widths of 0.059" to 0.157" (1.5mm to 4.0mm) are the latest addition to Walter’s ever-expanding grooving product range. The patent pending cutting insert is seated in the insert pocket with a unique prismatic design.

This innovative insert seating substantially eliminates the tendency for vibrations, increasing insert life as well as tool holder life. The design also prevents incorrect engagement, especially for narrow insert widths, and enables an extremely high indexing accuracy. Elevated protective edge is an inbuilt feature of these DX18 carbide inserts that protects the clamping finger of the tool holder from chip-wash and acts as an additional chip breaker; further enhancing tool life and process reliability.              

New DX18 geometries include the "C" cut off geometries CF6, CF5, and CE4 for cut off (parting off). The new "G" grooving geometries GD6, and GD3 for grooving. The "U" universal geometries UF4, UD4 and UA4 are for groove turning, parting off and grooving. The UD4 acts as a unique trouble shooter to achieve exceptional chip control. The new "R" full-radius geometries for copy turning and radius grooving include the sintered RF7.

The holders for these inserts are made for swiss style machines as well as conventional lathe and bar feeder machines. The holders are offered in both the signature precision-cooling thru-coolant configuration as well as external coolant configuration for economies. The G4014-P holders are uniquely designed for swiss machines, allowing inserts to be indexed while on the machine gang tooling, reducing insert indexing time by as much as 70%. The G4011 holders are offered for conventional lathes in both square shank and Capto style designs, while the G4041 blade style holders are ideal for parting off close to shoulders in a limited space.