PVD coating systems

PVD coating systems

February 4, 2019

Vapor Technologies Inc.

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Vapor Technologies Inc. (VaporTech) systems offer size, price, and capacity today’s companies need with the VT-i Series of PVD coating machines which include: VT-500i, VT-1000i, and VT-1500i (and 3000i).

VT-500i: Smallest and most affordable
The VT-500i machine is right-sized and easy to use. It’s the most compact VT-i Series machine for small-batch manufacturing operations. Despite its small footprint and competitive price, the VT-500i easily coats large parts.

VT-1000i: Right-sized, right price for medium operations
The VT-1000i system is a compact, higher capacity offering for medium-size operations. The VT-1000i machine shares the small footprint of the VT-500i system but with 6x the capacity. It’s a PVD and DLC system for medium-volume applications.

VT-1500i: High capacity, small footprint
The VT-1500i system provides approximately 70% of the throughput of our largest production coating system but in a very compact footprint. It’s designed for high-volume, larger manufacturing operations.

VT-3000i: Highest capacity & throughput
The VT-3000i system, introduced earlier this year, is the updated version of the VT-3000, with a smaller footprint, modern components, and easier maintenance.