Turning-, chip-recycling system

Turning-, chip-recycling system

January 10, 2018

US Shredder and Casting Group


Miramar Beach, Florida – US Shredder and Castings Group and Cometel (Spain) will introduce state of the art turnings and chip recycling to North America in 2018.

Since 1987, Cometel has been an innovative leader throughout the world in the design, manufacture, and commissioning turnkey solutions for conveying and processing chips, turnings, and other scrap metals.

Systems consist of metal hinge conveyors, chip crushers (vertical and horizontal axis), and chip centrifuges. Plants are compact and modular with minimal installation time. Foundries, machining companies, and metal recyclers would be the main beneficiaries.

In 2017, Cometel opened a sales, engineering and parts office to support the North American market. The company has a lab to which customers can send samples to see the exact results of their specific product.