Machine service system update

Machine service system update

July 10, 2019

The Up! App

Columbus, Ohio – The Up! App, the rapid-response digital platform that connects shops needing industrial service with service providers to maintain and repair machinery, version 3.1 provides an increased ease of use for service providers and service requesters, giving users more control to get their industrial machines back up and running, or providing industrial machine service, at an unparalleled speed.

The Up! App is not a downtime monitoring system; it is a platform to help service requesters get in touch with Industrial machine service providers to reduce machine downtime. The Up! App 3.1 makes submitting and responding to machine repair requests easier and even more efficient so users may do more in less time. Updates to the user experience include simplified communication, increased search and sort functionalities, customized notification improvements, personalized welcome screen and favorites lists, and more.

“We pride ourselves in having top customer success representatives who develop close relationships with our clients, and we have been listening attentively to user feedback since the company’s inception,” says David Rhodes, Director of Sales and Customer Success for The Up! App. “This open channel of communication allowed us to make improvements that we knew would immediately benefit our users and give them more control.”

One key adjustment in The Up! App 3.1 is the dual role capability – a user on the platform can now be a service provider and a service requester by simply toggling their role, allowing them to benefit all sides of their business. Communication across team members and external partners has also been streamlined with the new Direct Messaging feature, further increasing the efficiency of collaboration within the platform. More detailed problem description options allow for additional clarification from service requesters up front, so they can attract the right service providers with ease. Both service requesters and providers can also send attachments within the platform, which are clearly denoted with a new paperclip icon.

As another improvement to The Up! App 3.1 user experience, dashboard sorting and quick search abilities enable users to search for manufacturers, technology, and service area, and sort for items needing quick action and follow up, keeping the dashboard organized to their personal preference. With the updated notification center, service requesters or providers can customize alerts to never miss an opportunity – a bell icon will appear when new notifications come through to their account, and users may tap the notification to go directly to that action. Personalized welcome screens display a “what’s new” section for easy viewing. Users may also create favorite lists, so their top partners are easy to find. Companies now also have the ability to merchandise their services with in app advertising that will be displayed to a personalized target audience.