Carbide insert grinding

Carbide insert grinding

May 4, 2018

United Grinding North America
Grinding/Abrasives Turning/Milling

Miamisburg, Ohio – United Grinding has unveiled its new EWAG Profile Line for indexable carbide insert grinding. Developed in a partnership between Ewag AG and sister company Walter Maschinenbau GmbH, the Profile Line serves as a grinding center for advanced processing of complex, interchangeable insert geometries and interfaces.

The Profile Line offers production efficiency with an intelligent, integrated 6-station changer for grinding wheel sets with a coolant supply manifold that selects the optimal wheel to ensure the maximum possible machining volume for sintered insert blanks. The machine integrates EWAG ProGrind and Walter Helitronic Tool Studio into its Fanuc control to further expand the range of applications and improve insert geometries.

For unattended, lights-out operations, the Profile Line comes equipped with an integrated 6-axis Fanuc robot that can accommodate customer-specific pallets. A high-resolution CCD-HD vision system is available for loading grid pallets using magnetic grippers. Cleaning, re-clamping, and centering stations can also be integrated.