Turning grade for medium, high carbon steel

Turning grade for medium, high carbon steel

September 7, 2021

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.


Mount Prospect, Illinois – AC8020P is for high efficiency turning of hard steel (~1030), medium, and high carbon steel (alloy steel, 1053, 4140, 4137 and bearing steel 52100). The AC8020P grade fully complements the existing AC8000P Series grades (AC8015P, AC8025P, and AC8035P) turning solutions for machining steel.

The new grade is highlighted by the increased strength of the alumina (Al2O3) layer for enhanced chip control and showcases the golden surface color for improved wear visibility. AC8020P has shown results of more than 2.5x chipping resistance vs. conventional grades. EGU is the first recommendation chipbreaker and increases cutting speeds. For applications that require increased feed rates, Sumitomo recommends the EGE chipbreaker.

Sumitomo’s full lineup of steel turning grades in the AC8000P Series:

  • AC8015P (high speed grade) is light silver
  • AC8020P (for high efficiency) is distinguished by its gold color
  • AC8025P (for general purpose) features a bright polish appearance
  • AC8035P grade (for interrupted machining) has a dull silver look

Make sure to check out the digital Sumitomo 21-22 General Catalog. The catalog is conveniently broken down into each section and is available to download by page or entire PDF. Sumitomo also offers hard copy version available via the catalog request form.