Robot controller

Robot controller

December 18, 2019

TM Robotics Inc.
3D/Additive/Alternative Automation Motion control

Elk Grove Village, Illinois – Toshiba Machine partner, TM Robotics, has introduced its TS5000 robot controller to the North American market. Engineered in Japan and boasting huge improvements in design and programmability, the new controller has been developed with Industry 4.0 in mind – forming a launch pad for the next generation of industrial robots from Toshiba Machine.

The controller release commemorates the beginning of the next generation of industrial machinery from Toshiba Machine. From April 2020, the company will return to its original name of Shibaura Machine to reflect its formal separation from the larger Toshiba Machine corporation and allow the company to focus solely on the development of advanced industrial robotics.

Designed for future factories, the TS5000 controller is 33% smaller than existing versions, for minimal impact on the factory footprint. Weighing 10kg with dimensions 370mm x 150mm x 355mm, the TS5000’s compact design allows for easy installation.

Dedicated ports for status feedback and control allow more ports for priority communications, such as vision interfacing and system control. For non-protocol communication, the TS5000 has 8 available ports – 4x as many as the TS3000 robot controller.

Other improvements include an increase in file storage, providing 8x more capacity than previous versions. The controller also has expandable storage up to 32GB with the addition of an SD card, increasing the number of programs available and potential program size.

The controller is compatible with several TM Robotics product offerings, which encompass SCARA, 6-axis, and Cartesian robots.