Miniature LM guide

Miniature LM guide

September 10, 2020

THK America, Inc.
Automation Motion control Design Components

Schaumburg, Illinois – New from THK, the Type RSX Miniature LM Guide offers the smoothest movement in its class. Featuring, an optimized circulation structure, it achieves smoother movement than existing miniature LM Guides.

The compact outer dimensions of the Type RSX enable the realization of space-saving designs. It is available in a standard Type RSX-M and a Type RSX-WM with a longer overall LM block length, wider width and higher rated load and permissible moment than the Type RSX-M. The outer dimensions of the Type RSX-M range from 8mm to 16mm (H), 17mm to 32mm (W) and 23.4mm to 42.9mm (L). The outer dimensions of the Type RSX-WM range from 9mm to 16mm (H), 25mm to 60mm (W) and 31mm to 55.5mm (L).

Suitable for a range of applications, the Type RSX offers customization of surface treatment, metal circulation parts, block length, effective stroke type and more. Additional features of the LM Guide include a built-in retaining wire that prevents balls from falling out and a groove contact structure that receives loads in all 4 directions.

THK manufactures the widest range of linear motion products, including LM guides, ball screws, mechanical actuators and ball splines and more. All THK products have been designed and manufactured to meet the strictest requirements. THK’s experienced Global Engineering Team can provide customized linear motion solutions from their standard linear motion products as well as from mechatronics products for the most demanding applications.