High-speed ball screw

High-speed ball screw

February 10, 2020

THK America, Inc.

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Schaumburg, Illinois – Featuring high-speed performance and load capacities that exceed existing full ball standards, THK’s new Type BSM Ball Screw is for use in machine tools.

The Type BSM uses a newly developed circulation structure and a large lead to meet high-speed performance demands. The DN value is 170,000, contrasted with 130,000 in conventional products.

The unique groove design and double groove structure of the Type BSM improve load capacity and meet the requirements of machine tool applications.

The Slim Nut Type BSM-B conserves space with a nut diameter up to 14% more compact than THK conventional ball screws. An extended overall length and increased number of loaded circuits ensures optimum rigidity.

The Type BSM is available with screw shaft outer diameters ranging from 36mm to 63mm. Maximum speed is 5,000rpm.