Mini Modular Rack Principle electronics

Mini Modular Rack Principle electronics

May 18, 2021

TE Connectivity

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – TE Connectivity (TE), a supplier of connectivity and sensors, has launched its Mini Modular Rack Principle (MiniMRP) electronics packaging solution for military ground vehicles and defense applications. Previously, ground defense vehicles did not use sophisticated electronic suites, ultimately hindering the ability to package a voluminous amount of electronics. With new military ground vehicles in development or in queue for upgrades, TE actively looked for an opportunity to help the industry lead with an effective system solution by designing electrical subsystems that would be more beneficial for ground defense applications.

Currently in use as a solution for avionics, the MiniMRP’s novel design for modular and configurable packaged component solutions reduces packaging space up to 40% over existing architectures. TE’s MiniMRP components, in combination with distributed electrical architecture, allow for enhanced connectivity through a lightweight, high-speed, fiber-optic, or copper backbone simplifying the cabling system further. The MiniMRP is designed to the ARINC 836A standard. This will enable system architects to operate integrated modular electronics that are lighter, have faster data rates, are more space efficient and easily reconfigurable. TE’s MiniMRP offers excellent advantages to the ARINC 600 packaging standard:

• Compact modular electronics and avionics packaging

• Minimal risk to damaging delicate pins and lead-outs (particularly during fiber optic installation)

• Efficient volume use and thermal dissipation

• Huge array of connectivity options for power and data for both copper and fiber optic cabling

• A distributed electronic architecture, with flexible nodal locations

"We’ve built to EN4165 standards with four and five bay connectivity and are excited that TE’s MiniMRP packaging will offer system architects increased flexibility to design optimized electrical sub-systems for platform and end-user optimization,” said Martin Cullen, senior business development manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense, and Marine division. “What truly sets TE’s MiniMRP apart in its design within defense applications is that it is both rackable and configurable."

Customers will immediately appreciate:

• The flexibility MiniMRP offers with distributed avionics/electronic architecture which meets the need for weight balance and maintenance optimization

• The ease of final assembly for sub-systems, lowering the risk of corrective repair and maintenance work

TE anticipates implementation in EMEA ground defense applications including electrified ground vehicles (crewed and uncrewed), as well as next-generation fighter and remote combat air systems