Cloud-based analytics

Cloud-based analytics

May 15, 2019

SW Machines

There are endless benefits to analyzing machine data. The CloudPlatform enables users to quickly detect and react to malfunctions, reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency by providing a unified system for all SW machines. The SW CloudPlatform has a solution for almost every problem.

User-error can negatively affect productivity, especially if it goes unnoticed over a long period of time. The cloud can help identify personnel in need of further training that can be provided by SW’s life Academy. There’s no more need for guesswork when it comes to automation either. When automated processes get thrown off rhythm for whatever reason, the user can recognize certain patterns in the cloud and act before productivity suffers.

The most effective way to preform maintenance on a machine is through condition-based monitoring, meaning significantly less downtime than reactive maintenance after a malfunction, or even planned maintenance performed on parts that might not need it.

Issues slowly arising from routine machine use can be recognized earlier and be solved before they even become a problem. SW’s CloudPlatform monitors the conditions of machine components and uploads their status daily to the NC Monitors. Much of the monitoring is done via universal axis tests, which are equability tests supplemented by circularity tests. Equability tests measure the movement of the axes and are adept at detecting a wide range of factors in need of attention. For example, ball screws are watched for wear. Guideway issues such as lubrication on the slide, damage or parallelism errors can be brought to users’ attention. Backed up chips in covers and seized cover fragments also won’t go overlooked. What equability tests might miss is covered by circularity tests. For example, slack and reversal errors with bearings and ball-screws are best represented by circularity test results.

The CloudPlatform will allow for remote monitoring of machines and components. This remote access cannot be used to influence machines without the approval of owners.

CloudPlatform provides a more intuitive user experience by providing advice regarding specific actions to take in order to ensure optimal machine availability.