CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine

CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine

July 18, 2018

United Grinding North America

The favorit CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine has distance of 1,600mm (63”) and can handle long workpieces.

Designed for grinding single part and series production, it can be fitted with automation. With various options such as measuring control, balancing system, contact detection, and longitudinal positioning, it can be subsequently adapted to other grinding tasks.

The machine’s bed is made of solid Granitan to ensure maximum precision, performance, and safety. The enclosure provides an optimal view of the grinding process. The wheelhead, which can be automatically positioned every 3°, can accommodate a belt-driven external and internal grinding spindle.

Thanks to the practice-oriented Studer grinding software, with its proven Studer-pictogramming, even less-experienced users can program grinding and dressing cycles quickly and efficiently. With the optionally available StuderGRIND software, special applications, such as profiling the grinding wheel for complex workpiece shapes, can be efficiently programmed. Development, production, assembly, and testing of the Studer products are process-oriented and comply with the strict guidelines of VDA 6.4 and ISO 9001.