Steel ring catalog

Steel ring catalog

February 24, 2021


Lake Zurich, Illinois – Find your next wave spring, retaining ring, and constant section ring in Smalley’s newest Catalog and Design Guide release.

As the inventor of the edgewound wave spring with over 100 years of manufacturing excellence, Smalley has helped thousands of engineers and professionals create application-specific solutions across every industry.

Smalley’s Catalog is an essential resource containing easy to follow product charts with detailed specifications to engineering equations and custom product support. Everything you need is right here in one complete guide!

“We manufacture 12 product types in 400 sizes with over 10,000 parts in stock, making the Smalley Catalog an important to have, easy and convenient way to access product information,” said Robert Thompson, Smalley’s Vice President of Marketing.

Catalog Features Include:

  • Part Specifications on over 10,000 rings and springs
  • Nested Spirawave Series, Smalley’s latest wave spring for high force applications
  • Expanded Sizes
  • Custom Design Configurations and Capabilities
  • Engineering Design Resources and Equations
  • Material Types and Finishes