Stationary clamping

Stationary clamping

February 12, 2021

Schunk Inc.

Morrisville, North Carolina – The KONTEC KSX-C2, a 5-axis vise from SCHUNK, provides new opportunities for high-precision 6-sided machining. With a striking, upwardly tapered outside contour, the KONTEC KSX-C2 improves accessibility with standard tools. With its active jaw pull-down the KONTEC KSX-C2 achieves excellent results in terms of plane-parallelism and perpendicularity, and therefore creates ideal preconditions for challenging 6-sided machining.

The vise is also setting benchmarks with its adjustable center, even when it comes to set-up times: due to a tool-free jaw quick-change system, reversible jaws for enlarging the clamping area as well as a unique basic jaw stroke of 130 mm which is second to none on the market, the vise can be quickly and precisely converted for a new range of parts. A broad range of quick-change jaws is available for this purpose. Moreover, the clamping range can be enlarged with a standardized piston rod extension.

A torque wrench is used for continuously adjusting the clamping forces of the KONTEC KSX-C2, and a maximum of 40kN at a torque of 120N•m can be achieved. Therefore, this expert vise in 6-sided machining has a lot of power for safe holding – even in the case of minimum clamping surfaces. The forces for clamping sensitive parts can be finely adjusted. The long guiding system and the arrangement of the clamping mechanism ensure a rigid, dimensionally stable set-up. The integrated elastomer damping absorbs occurring oscillations during machining, resulting in excellent workpiece surface quality and tool service life. The drive and adjustment mechanisms of the 5-axis vise are fully encapsulated, making it perfectly equipped against chips, dirt, and coolant.

The SCHUNK KONTEC KSX-C2 is maintenance-free and is offered in four base body lengths (330mm, 430mm, 500mm, 630mm, 800mm) and in two different heights (175mm, 214mm). It seamlessly fits into the modular system for high-efficient workpiece clamping from SCHUNK and can be quickly combined with the VERO-S quick-change pallet system or exchanged at a maximum repeat accuracy on the machine table. The necessary clamping pins can be directly integrated in the base body of the 5-axis vise without requiring adapter plates. As clamping is done by tension, no bending load occurs on the base body if a quick-change pallet system is used.