Finished parts accumulator

Finished parts accumulator

May 14, 2020

Royal Products
Material Handling

The Royal Rota-Rack is a lean, cost-effective device that safely collects finished parts as they come off of a CNC lathe, enabling machine tools to run unattended for extended periods of time.

Features include:

  • A unique rotary spiral that safely directs parts to the center of the turntable
  • A low-friction ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) material covers all contact surfaces for superior part protection
  • The Royal Rota-Rack is especially good at protecting straight edges of milled parts – often a difficult task with other collection methods 
  • Can be used to keep parts in order for quality control purposes
  • No machine interface needed – unit plugs into a 110V outlet and the operator simply sets the index functions in seconds via the touch-screen PLC
  • The degree of rotation is easily adjusted, enabling the Rota-Rack to handle short and long parts
  • Large capacity – 36" diameter turntable provides over 850 square inches of surface area
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction enables the Rota-Rack to handle up to 700 lb of parts
  • Universal design adapts to virtually all CNC lathes:
    • Left/Right positioning
    • Optional conveyor with coolant tray
    • Height-adjustable from 10.5” to 53"