Low-odor polypropylene

Low-odor polypropylene

October 10, 2018



Avon Lake, Ohio – PolyOne’s Maxxam LO is a low odor, talc-filled polypropylene. Designed to help automakers meet vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ) standards in underhood automotive HVAC applications, this new material enables reduced VOC emissions and consistently achieves odor testing results of 3.0 per VDA 270.

The new car smell once seen as appealing is no longer popular with many consumers, who associate the odor with harmful emissions, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As consumers increasingly value VIAQ, it becomes more important to OEMs to create a neutral-smelling interior. Maxxam LO can reduce noxious odors while maintaining its performance and aesthetic.

Countries have begun establishing regulations and guidelines regarding acceptable levels of chemical concentration in automobiles, and the automotive industry is also leading the change. As a result, chemical emissions testing and reporting is now a requirement for most major automotive manufacturers.

PolyOne developed Maxxam LO to help customers meet these requirements. These grades can be customized to achieve a wide breadth of physical and mechanical properties to meet the specifications of any OEM. And with PolyOne’s global reach, material consistency is a given.