Low-profile gonionmeter stage

Low-profile gonionmeter stage

October 27, 2016

OES (Optimal-Engineering Systems Inc.)

Motion control Motors/Drive Quality/Metrology

Van Nuys, California – Optimal Engineering Systems Inc. (OES) offers a very low cost, low profile solution for the precise measurement of angles or the rotation of an object to a precise angular position. The AK130-15 Goniometer Stage is 2.362” (60mm) high, and the height of the center of rotation is 4.724” (120mm).

The 4.724” x 5.118” (120mm x 130mm) table has ±15º of rotation at speeds up to 10º/sec, and features a precision ground worm gear with a 304:1 ratio and a resolution of 0.0005º with a 10 micro-step per step stepper motor driver; the stage is also available with a servo motor and optical encoder.

Critical measurement and inspection operations are assured because of the high precision worm gear and crossed roller guides, (repeatability of ±3 arcsec, accuracy of ±8 arcsec, and backlash of ±3 arcsec). This compact black anodized motorized goniometer stage measures just 12.952” (329mm) long (including the standard 1.8º stepper motor by 5.118” (130mm) wide and can handle loads to 33 lb (15kg) of load. Mounting holes on the stage and in the base assure easy integration into an application. A calibrated indicator displays the angle of rotation, a hand knob is provided for manual adjustment, and the stage can be ordered plug-and-play with a fully compatible controller from OES.

Source: OES – Optimal Engineering Systems Inc.