High-precision positioning stage

High-precision positioning stage

October 20, 2020

OES (Optimal-Engineering Systems Inc.)


Optimal Engineering Systems Inc. (OES) offers a solution for the precise measurement of compound angles or the rotation of an object to precise angular positions.

The XAB-050-XX-01 integrates a two-axis Alpha-Beta goniometer on top of a single-axis linear actuator. The Beta-axis has a travel range of ±15° with a rotation height of 50mm ±0.2mm. The size of the table is 65mm x 65mm (2.559" x 2.559"). The gear ratio is 1° (stage): 252° (motor). The travel mechanism is precision crossed-roller guide.

The lower goniometer (A-axis) has ±10° of rotation driven by a worm gear with a drive ratio of 352° of motor rotation to 1 of stage rotation.

The Alpha and Beta axes have a calibrated indicator to display the angle of rotation which is ideal for: Crystallography, metrology, light measurement, measurement of surgical cutting blades, microscopy, laser positioning, and inspection applications.

The threaded mounting holes in the Beta-axis and mounting holes in the X axis assure easy integration into new and existing applications.

The low-profile X axis stage has a travel length of 50mm. The lead screw pitch is 1mm per turn that yields high resolution and accuracy. Additionally, all axes have end-of-travel limit switches.

The XAB-050-XX-01 (pictured) features two-phase stepper motors with knobs for manual adjustments which can be replaced with optical encoders for position verification. The XAB-050-XX-02 is driven by three-phase brushless servo motors with quadrature incremental optical encoders for closed loop operation that offer the highest resolution, repeatability, and travel speeds.

Both stages can be ordered plug-and-play with a fully compatible controller from OES.