Elevator stages

Elevator stages

April 1, 2021

OES (Optimal-Engineering Systems Inc.)


The AT10-60-01, AT10-60-02, and the AT10-60-03 Motorized Elevator Stages have been released by Optimal Engineering Systems Inc. (OES). These compact, low profile elevator stages feature high stability 120mm x 80mm (4.724" x 3.149") tables and 60mm ± 2mm (2.362" ±0.078") of vertical travel with a load capacity of 5.0kg (11.0 lb). The scissor lift design combined with precision roller bearings and slide rails assures smooth motion and very high parallelism throughout the raising and lowering of the table.

The AT10-60-01 (shown) is driven by a Two-Phase Stepper Motor with micro-stepping capabilities. The repeatability is typically ± 5µm and typical positional accuracy is 15µm. The knob for manual adjustment can be replaced with a Quadrature incremental optical encoder for position verification.

The AT10-60-02 is driven by a three-phase brushless servo motor with a Quadrature incremental optical encoder for the higher repeatability, positional accuracy, and travel speeds typical of a closed loop system.

The AT10-60-03 is driven by a DC servo motor with a Quadrature incremental optical encoder.

These Z-axis stages are ideal for microscopy, inspection, metrology, positioning, photonics, sampling, and laser drilling and machining.

The table of each stage has a pattern of threaded holes for fixtures or tooling, and in the base are accessible countersunk holes allowing easy integration into a new or existing application.

These stages require a motion controller that can be ordered as a complete plug-and-play system with RS-232, USB, joystick, trackball, and keypad control.