Skiving clamping system

Skiving clamping system

November 15, 2019

Gears Toolholding/Workholding

Mytec Hydraclamp clamping tools are robust and rigid enough to minimize vibrations caused by the high spindle speeds and significant cutting forces generated by new power skiving processes.

Today’s demands also include clamping very thin parts for robotic gear boxes (flex spline gear box). Hydraclamp clamping tools are designed to clamp components the entire length of the clamping area. If the component is irregularly shaped, the system clamp around it to achieve the highest accuracy.

When clamping robotic gear box components (pictured), the external shape is irregular and the clamping area is very short. A hydraulic chuck in combination with a changeable back stop and slotted collet gives the customer options to clamp different diameters and components with one hydraulic chuck.

This hydraulic chuck is used to machine the spline in the gear shaping process on a Liebherr machine.