Voice coil stages

Voice coil stages

July 12, 2019


Motion control Motors/Drive

Van Nuys, California – The compact open aperture HCDS-051-032-013-01-B1-30 and the HCDS-051-032-013-01-B1-01 Voice Coil Stages from Moticont have a foot print of just 2.0" (50.8mm) wide by 5.0" (127.0mm) long and feature positioning resolutions of 30µm and 1µm respectively. These precision stages allow the user to select the level of precision needed for an application.

The 1µm resolution HCDS-051-032-013-01-B1-01 Voice Coil Stage features cross roller linear bearings whereas the 30µm HCDS-051-032-013-01-B1-30 Voice Coil Stage uses linear ball bearings. Each stage has a 0.97" (24.6mm) range of motion with 6.3 lb (28.2N) of continuous force and 20.0 lb (89.9N) peak force. These brushless, clean, quiet, efficient, low inertia, high acceleration, zero cogging, and high-speed voice coil driven stages have a built-in home switch for accurate initialization. As the coil is fixed and the magnetic assembly moves, there are no moving electrical components to fail. Designed for closed loop servo operation, an integral quadrature optical encoder with differential outputs is included.

The stages’ 1.509" (38.3mm) x 2.000” (50.8mm) tables are equipped with 4 8-32UNC-28 mounting holes. Pre-drilled and counter-bored mounting holes in the stage base and a plug -and-play wired connector allows for easy integration into new or existing applications. The black anodized voice coil stages with a 0.500" (12.7mm) clear aperture are for: laser drilling and machining, optical focusing, testing, laser steering, mirror positioning, scanning, oscillation, switching, and other precision applications.

These voice coil stages are also available in XY or XYZ configurations and can also be ordered as a complete plug-and-play system with a controller.