Laser beam profiling camera

Laser beam profiling camera

June 27, 2017

MKS Instruments
Cloud/Apps/IoT Quality/Metrology

The Ophir Pyrocam IV USB, a laser beam profiling camera allows users to see their laser beam for dynamic alignment and proper operation. The camera features a 320 x 320 pixel pyroelectric array that can profile beams up to 1" (25mm) without the need for reduction optics. It also includes a new USB 3.0 interface that provides a quick and easy connection to PCs for beam analysis, 2D and 3D beam display, as well as trending, data logging, and storage.

The Pyrocam IV measures both pulsed and CW (continuous wave) lasers, from 13nm to 355nm and 1.06µm to >3000µm. The compact device includes an integral focal plane chopper for CW beams and thermal imaging. The plug-and-play USB interface can be quickly and easily connected to a PC for further analysis of the beam. For those with a network connection, the Pyrocam IV is optionally available with a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

The Pyrocam IV ensures alignment and proper operation of CO2and telecom NIR lasers, as well as infrared sources out to the Far IR THz range. A 16-bit A/D converter provides reliable measurement and analysis of both large signals and low level signals in the wings of the laser beam. A signal to noise ratio of 1000:1 means beams of 30mW/cm2 are easily visible. The company's patented Ultracal baseline algorithm allows multiple frames to be summed, enabling views of beams as low as 1mW/cm2 to 2mW/cm2.

The Pyrocam IV works with Ophir BeamGage, the industry's most advanced laser beam analysis software. It includes all the algorithms and calculations needed to make accurate, ISO approved laser beam measurements. The software provides 2D and 3D viewing, advanced image processing features, NIST traceable power measurements, trend charting, data logging, pass/fail production testing, and multilingual support for English, Japanese, and Chinese.