LED illumination profile projector

LED illumination profile projector

April 12, 2021

Mitutoyo America Corporation


Aurora, Illinois – Mitutoyo America Corp. has release of the PJ-Plus Series Profile Projector to the lineup of Mitutoyo metrology products.

The Mitutoyo PJ-Plus profile projectors use LED lighting and provide reliable measurements in manufacturing site environments. The PJ-Plus provides stable dimension and angle measurements in harsher environments conventional models can’t handle, such as manufacturing and processing lines.

Key features:

LED illumination: Implementing LED vs. halogen lighting eliminates the need for a main-unit cooling fan, limiting entry of oil, mist, dust, etc. into the measuring instrument. LEDs are also more durable, greatly reducing lamp burnout and power consumption.

Stepless illumination adjustment: Stepless illumination control is more efficient and allows light levels to be set precisely to suit surface textures and color or a workpiece.

Built-in digital XY counter: Displays XY axes and angle readings in large characters on the front of the machine for easier readability and eliminates the need for an auxiliary digital readout (DRO).

Improved durability: The absence of a cooling fan (via LED illumination) reduces adhesion of oil and dust to the internal mirror and light source to maintain a higher optical performance. The LED bulb lasts much longer than halogens, meaning less maintenance and reduced down time.

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