Hardness tester

Hardness tester

January 15, 2020

Mitutoyo America Corporation

Materials Quality/Metrology

Aurora, Illinois – Mitutoyo America Corp.’s HR-600 hardness tester combines functionality for Rockwell hardness testing and for Light Force Brinell testing in a single machine, expanding the range of available measurements.

Key features:

  • HR-600 is the first Mitutoyo hardness tester to be equipped with a moving head. The head moves at a speed of 10mm/s within a 210mm range
  • Table for mounting workpieces and head with vertical mobility
  • Tables are bigger and have more depth, allowing large workpieces to be mounted and measured as-is. Maximum load limit: 100kg; Depth (from indenter center): 220mm
  • HR-600 Series can test a wide variety of workpieces, ranging from metal (crankshafts, cylinder blocks) to softer workpieces (brake pads, plastic parts), and supports both Rockwell and Light Force Brinell hardness testing on a single machine
  • Touch-enabled screens enable users to directly view results. Users can choose from five different displays [standard operating, simple, multi-point test, list display (mean value) and list display (5-point display) based on various views]. Users can directly select the hardness scale of their choice, and statistical analysis features can analyze multiple test results, streamlining the workflow and reducing measurement and analysis time
  • AVPAK software enables smooth and efficient measurements. AVPAK, using part programs, enables automated multi-point testing in the X-, Y-, and Z-axis directions
  • The HR-600 supports special testing and offers supplemental add-ons, including PCs for remote operation software and V-anvils for round workpieces
  • The HR-620 Type B tester with AVPAK can be combined with the Mitutoyo Form Eio software and a PLC to create a system that coordinates with robots, users can automate the testing procedure, from mounting workpieces to sorting them according to test results