Hard metals machining fluid

Hard metals machining fluid

July 24, 2020

Master Fluid Solutions


Perrysburg, Ohio – Master Fluid Solutions launches HyperSol 888NXT, a formula created for machining hard metals such as titanium, stainless steel, and nickel-based alloys such as Inconel. The premium-grade water-soluble metalworking fluid replaces soluble oils that contain harmful sulfur molecules, which cause corrosion, create odor, and damage the metal being machined.

HyperSol 888NXT was designed to be operator- and machine-friendly. Master Fluid Solutions’ R&D team spent several years testing different combinations of ingredients and formulations to create this fluid, which provides the much-needed lubricity, improved machine life, and safer working conditions that the aerospace industry demands.

HyperSol 888NXT is a patented, neo-synthetic precision machining fluid that is designed to pass aerospace approval testing requirements. It delivers low foam, low odor, and a long lifespan in the sump and meets stringent environmental regulations.

Master Fluid Solutions develops and markets a full line of environmentally sound, extremely durable, and stable cutting and grinding fluids, straight oils, parts cleaners, and rust preventives under the TRIM and Master STAGES brands. Master Fluid Solutions’ XYBEX fluid management systems can lower their customer’s total cost of operations.