Laser, touch probe tool setter

Laser, touch probe tool setter

June 7, 2018

Marposs Corp
Quality/Metrology Tooling/Cutting

Auburn Hills, Michigan – Marposs’ Mida Laser 75P Hybrid tool setter combines a non-contact laser and touch probe in one system. While the laser enables measurement and checks on high-speed rotating tools, the laterally mounted touch probe monitors non-rotating, lathe tools.

The incorporated Mida A90 touch probe is available with 3-to-5 tool contact surfaces and one or more LEDs to visually detect the electrical contact between the tool and the probe.

Typical uses of the Mida Laser 75P Hybrid include tool identification, tool breakage detection, pre-setting of unknown tools, tool dynamic length and diameter measurement, tool wear compensation, tool cutting edge profile integrity verification, and machine axis thermal drift compensation.

Suited for unmanned operations, the unit presets tools in the machine and updates tool table data automatically. All of this helps to reduce machine downtime and scrap, increasing productivity and production quality.

The Mida Laser 75P Hybrid features an efficient, 3-stage shutter group that protects the system from dirt. When not performing measurements, the shutter is mechanically closed to prevent dirt from reaching the emitter and receiver lens while during the measurement cycle, a patented Air Tunnel Effect enables the measurement and verification of tool dimension, wear and breakage, even in the presence of coolant. A microprocessor, integrated into the unit’s electronic interface, elaborates the signal received, filtering noise coming from coolant and chips.

The Mida Laser 75P system is available with a “collimated” or “focused” laser beam. The focused model is essential for cutting edge integrity verification and length measurements of chisel or rounded nose tools, or for tools with a diameter of less than 1mm.