Lubricant-cooled reamers

Lubricant-cooled reamers

November 5, 2018


Multi-bladed reamers are the tool of choice when high cutting rates and short machining times are called for. In view of the limitations of conventional production methods, it has not been possible to date with steel tool bodies to direct the coolant exactly to all the functional areas of the tool.

Compromises always had to be accepted in the design of the coolant channel bores. Thanks to additive manufacturing, MAPAL has now succeeded in redesigning the coolant supply and the form of the coolant outlet and to gear the system perfectly for reaming operations.

Thanks to special cooling lubricant outlets on the multi-bladed reamers, the coolant can now be delivered to exactly where it is needed. In this way optimal chip removal and ideal cooling, as well as efficient lubrication of the cutting edges and the arc land chamfer are ensured.

In turn, this aspect results in less abrasive wear on the arc land chamfer, better chip removal as well as optimized machining results.

All reamers in the three MonoReam series are available with the new additively manufactured tool heads and therefore optimized cooling and lubrication – even on the usage of MQL.

The MonoReam reamers are available as fixed (600), expanding (700) and adjustable (800) variants. The three series are interchangeable. As straight, left-hand fluted, short and long versions, they are suitable for through holes or blind bores and can be designed with suitable cutting materials, coatings and cutting leads depending on the material to be machined. This ensures that the optimum tool is available for every requirement.