Portable surface metrology

Portable surface metrology

September 14, 2020

Mahr Inc.


The newly updated MarSurf CM mobile portable optical surface metrology tool includes a 16-bit high dynamic range (HDR) camera that improves data density by 5x and low light sensitivity by 256x. These updates ensure optimum contrast for highly dynamic surfaces while maintaining robust performance and a low noise-to-signal ratio. The updated CM mobile also offers the highest acquisition speed – up to 100 frames per second – and highest resolution confocal measurements on the shop floor or in the field.

This compact system was designed with motorized XYZ-axes and enables measurements to be performed directly on large parts for user-friendly surface analysis, anywhere it is needed. The CM mobile is robust and reliable enough to be used on the shop floor or in the field and provides consistently high resolution, even over large measuring areas. 

Additional benefits of the newly updated MarSurf CM mobile include:

  • Ability to measure tools, parts, workpieces that are too large to transport to the lab or place on a benchtop tool
  • Material independent (shiny, matte, smooth, structured, transparent, etc.)
  • Surface finish, topography measurements can be performed according to common standards including ISO 4287 and ISO 25178
  • Includes roughness, micro-geometry measurements in one tool
  • Easy to use software allows quick measurement, analysis, report generation

All MarSurf CM products feature innovative confocal technology with high-precision 16-bit HDR imaging. They deliver high-resolution 3D surface topography data that can be used to provide greater insight into surface structures and processing. Rugged construction, robust technology, and measurement results that conform to international standards ensure optimum performance in a wide variety of applications. MarSurf CM systems provide nanometer resolution surface finish and micro-geometry information including 2D and 3D surface roughness, bearing area, flatness, depth, and volume. MarSurf CM technology is leveraged in a wide variety of automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology, optics, electrical engineering, renewable energy, and aerospace applications.