RBX12 Air Power Spindle

RBX12 Air Power Spindle

January 19, 2016

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling

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Hoffman Estates, Illinois – The RBX12 Air Power Spindle is a high-speed air-driven spindle that achieves variable rotational speeds of 100,000rpm to 120,000rpm.

The air-driven spindle, produced by BIG Daishowa Seiki, enables existing machines to be upgraded to perform high-speed micro-machining in a normal machining center since this tool is driven by air supplied through a stop block or through the machine spindle. Since there is no rotation of the machining center spindle required, existing machine tool spindles can be used without wear.

Operating at high speeds improves machining accuracy, enhances surface finish, lengthens tool life, and reduces wear on the cutting tool since. High-speed operation also means that processing time can be reduced. In trials, the RBX12 was able to reduce machining time by more than 300%.

Ceramic ball bearings and an ultra-precise collet system ensure runout accuracy, enabling ultra-thin wall cutting. The AA-grade Mega Micro Collet guarantees 1µm runout at the collet nose.

The RBX12 also minimizes thermal displacement in the Z-axis – constant at <0.001mm.

The RBX12 is available with BCV40, BBT30/40, and HSK-A63/F63/E32 interfaces, and models not requiring a stop block have a body diameter of Ø32mm (Ø1.260”). Automatic tool change is possible.

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