Electrical discharge machines (EDMs)

Electrical discharge machines (EDMs)

January 25, 2019

Kaast Machine Tools USA

3D/Additive/Alternative Tooling/Cutting

KAAST Machine Tools CNC wire electrical discharge machines (EDMs) are available in three lines –the W-EDM wire sinkers, the S-EDM, and the Z-EDM sinker. These high-performance wire EDMs – complete with water bath – can copy, turn, flip, scale, and rotate the working material to create a steady stream of tools/dies.

Manufactured in Taiwan and distributed throughout the U.S., the W-EDM S CNC series from KAAST offers users great surface quality combined with modern cutting technology, helping keep production effective and efficient. Offering automatic corner control functions for high geometric accuracy during production and automatic monitoring of the wire tension helps to ensure that tools are created quickly, without sacrificing precision. Using the powerful 64-bit CNC controller with 2D/3D graphics, as well as the 6-axis machining for the most complex forms possible required for production. Production time is saved using the automatic wire threading (AWT) option. The high-quality AWT (copper wire 0.006" to 0.012" with a water jet of 0.04") makes manufacturing simple and effective.

The S-EDM series provides effective sink eroding with powerful flushing of the working area. The FC35 – quality cast iron machine frame and reinforced worktable – enable high-precision machining and heavy work pieces, while the integrated database allows for quick retrieval of all data and cutting parameters for various materials. This CNC sinker EDM series provides users the opportunity to access and edit technical parameters during the erosion process, as well as program during active use. Most convenient, all S-EDM models are available as ZNC versions, meaning each Z-EDM machine comes with a controlled Z-axis.