EcoFilter Conveyor

EcoFilter Conveyor

August 24, 2016

Jorgensen Conveyors, Inc.

Mequon, Wisconsin - The EcoFilter Conveyor is the first competitively priced conveyor and filtration system for entry level and mid-priced turning and machining centers. It works for larger, higher-priced machines as well.

The EcoFilter utilizes an innovative two stage metal chip removal and coolant filtration design. Primary large chip removal is done with a hinged steel belt conveyor and in a secondary process, fines are separated from the coolant via flow through a wedgewire filter cell. In our patent-pending, self-cleaning design, brushes wipe these fines from the surface of the wedgewire where they can then flow to the bottom of the conveyor. The conveyor belt cleats on the bottom run of belt then scrap the separated fine chips back to the top of the belt for discharge.

  • Less chip migration to the coolant tank means less tank cleanout and production downtime
  • Pump, tooling and coolant life is greatly improved
  • No consumables provide an environmentally friendly system
  • Single drive design provides reduced energy consumption
  • Hinged Steel Belt conveyors can be designed to be field-retrofitted to an EcoFilter

Learn more at the 2016 IMTS Conference!

Source: Jorgensen Coveyors Inc.