Multi-spindle automatic lathe

Multi-spindle automatic lathe

February 18, 2020

Index Corp.

Noblesville, Indiana – Index’s next-generation MS32-6 multi-spindle automatic lathe brings the benefits of multi-spindle technology to a broader range of applications thanks to a flexible tool slide platform that greatly reduces changeover times.

Accommodating up to 32mm bar stock, the MS32-6 easily handles a wide variety of complex parts, as the machine is equipped with twelve cross slides, with two v-shaped cross slides equipped with X- and Z-axis located at each spindle position. C- and Y-axis, together with live tools, can also be implemented to allow for a broad range of machining processes, including off-center drilling, threading, contouring, hobbing, and polygonal turning. Machine slides can also be alternatively configured for grooving or drilling.

Each cross slide in the MS32-6 incorporates Index’s patented W-serration locating system that provides µm-accurate alignment of the tool holder. Coupled with the company’s newly developed quick clamping device, tools can be set up off of the machine and then quickly installed, reducing tool change times by 50%. Additionally, the machine incorporates the same W-serration system on its live units for drilling, milling and polygonal turning. By presetting tooling for these operations off of the machine, setup times can be reduced by up to 92%.

With the updated MS32-6, users can also now apply twin turrets with rigid tools in up to five spindle positions. These hydraulically controlled units can alternate between tools in less than half a second. This enables the efficient use of separate tools for roughing and finishing in the same position. The twin turrets can also be used to reduce tool changes by incorporating duplicate tools, an option that is especially attractive when working with difficult-to-machine materials.

The machine’s fluid-cooled spindle drum features six spindles with speeds that are independently controlled to a maximum of 8,000rpm. This allows optimum cutting data to be applied to each individual cutting process, resulting in superior metal removal rates, surface quality and tool life. Additionally, the machine can be equipped with one or two synchronous spindles, each of which can apply up to six tools for machining the rear end of parts.