EMO 2019 machining technology lineup

EMO 2019 machining technology lineup

August 9, 2019

Index Corp.


At EMO 2019, INDEX will be showcasing its highly productive turning centers, as well as focusing on the role digitalization will play on the future of manufacturing. The iXworld cloud-based platform will be a key focus area, with information on how the tool can be applied to processes including machine procurement, operation, service, and maintenance.

Located in Hall 17, booth D03, the exhibit will feature 17 of the company’s INDEX and TRAUB machines. Included will be world premieres of the MS32-6 multi-spindle machine and C200 tandem production turning center with double spindles. The B500 and TNA400, which launched in March, will also be featured, as will a new version of the C100 turning center equipped with the iXcenter integrated automation cell.

INDEX will also be operating machines at several locations outside its booth at the show, including a G200 turn-mill center at the Sonderschau Jugend booth in Hall 25, booth A01. Put together with the assistance of the Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau Foundation for young manufacturers, this booth will allow visitors to see a complete process chain for a Formula 1 model car, from initial drawing to manufacture. The G200 will be machining the race car’s rims.

Relevant to all of INDEX’s machines, iXworld will receive significant attention at the show. Located at ixworld.com, this digital platform provides comprehensive information on INDEX technologies, as well as access to the iX4.0, iXshop, and iXservices portals.

iX4.0 is at the heart of iXworld, providing Industry 4.0 functionality that integrates INDEX and TRAUB machines into the digital world. Starting in July 2019, INDEX has been providing European customers with an iX4.0 starter package upon request, which includes 12 months of access to all iX4.0 applications. Additionally, INDEX has made it easy to connect older machines to iX4.0 using an IoT connector.

A wide variety of applications are included in iX4.0. Alarm Messenger informs operators of unscheduled downtime. Status Monitor provides the transparency required when processing MDA and ODA data. Spindle Check collects information on spindle speed, load, temperature, and more, then evaluates the data and provides it in graphical form. Axis Check provides the same functionality for linear axes. These apps and more allow for seamless application of Industry 4.0.

iXshop makes it easy for European customers to identify and purchase tool holders, accessories, clamping devices, spare parts and raw materials. Over 1,000 customers are currently using the portal, which can be integrated with in-house ERP systems. The variety of items available in iXshop is growing significantly as INDEX partners with providers of complementary products to offer those through the interface as well. Earlier this year, INDEX added a marketplace for steel provider Klöckner & Co., and negotiations for additional marketplaces are currently underway.

iXservices provides a portal for managing faults, repairs and maintenance for all of a company’s machines, including those from third-party suppliers. In Europe, the tool allows for remote access using smart devices and teleservices, making a high level of service and expertise instantly available to operators on the shop floor.