IMK and CoreTechnologie’s 3D Human Simulation

IMK and CoreTechnologie’s 3D Human Simulation

November 11, 2021


The 3D Kernel_IO Software Development Kit created by CoreTechnologie was integrated in the current version of the Ema software suite, meaning 3D human simulation, virtual workplace, and process design are compatible with all common CAD systems and formats.

Digital Precision

The Ema software suite enables digital production, assembly planning, and process planning for human-robot collaboration. The planning tool features a time analysis and ergonomic assessment, with consideration of standard performance references. To simulate complex manufacturing scenarios with human involvement throughput times are determined based on the digital human model and ergonomic boundary conditions.

CAD Interoperability

The integration of 3D Kernel_IO gives IMK access to all major 3D CAD formats while the CT interface tool includes 34 different interfaces.

3D Kernel_IO is developed completely in-house by CoreTechnologie and can be licensed by software manufacturers at a worldwide flat rate. By being able to read in CAD formats directly and without diversions, IMK achieves an independent 3D data workflow as well as flexible application options for its software in any system environment.


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