Two-component bushing

Two-component bushing

August 15, 2019

Igus, Inc.
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igus’ lubrication-free, two-component iglide Q2E bearing can withstand extreme conditions frequently found in agricultural machines, utility vehicles, offshore installations, and other demanding environments.

The new bushing ensures a high-degree of wear-resistance, and a hard polymer shell protects the heavy duty bearing. In tests at the company’s expansive test laboratory, the new material withstood loads up to 130MPa.

Bearings in construction equipment and agricultural machines have difficulty coping with the extreme conditions encountered in these rugged industries. Dirt, impact, and high edge loads cause premature wear. In these scenarios, durable materials and dirt-resistant components are required to meet the challenge. The new iglide Q2E bearing is designed for such situations.

igus is expanding its range of bearings for heavy-duty applications and closes the gap between existing bearings and solutions made of metal and composites. The bearing consists of high-performance plastics and is completely self-lubricating and corrosion-free. The absence of external lubrication allows maintenance-free operation of the bearing points and prevents machine failures due to lack of lubrication.

Expensive central lubrication systems are no longer necessary. Dirt and impurities can no longer adhere to the bearing points, which minimizes wear. In addition, less grease and oil escapes into the environment. As a result, the annual consumption of more than 35 million metric tons of lubricant, as measured by RWTH Aachen University, is reduced.

Another advantage of the new bearings is that the injection-molding method used to manufacture them is extremely cost-efficient.

Two materials in an encapsulated design ensure that the bearing can cope with the most extreme edge loads. The iglide Q2E has a hard polymer shell and a tribologically optimized core composed of iglide Q2 as the material. When used for a plain bearing with a 20mm diameter, the material is also dimensionally stable and wear-resistant, even under high loads of up to 7 metric tons.

Functioning as a protective sheath, the shell makes the bearing quite sturdy and ensures that it has a longer service life. In a swivel test in the igus test lab, the material withstood a radial load of 130MPa.

iglide Q2E is initially available for shaft diameters of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 40mm.