Power, feedback cable

Power, feedback cable

December 20, 2018

Igus, Inc.


East Providence, Rhode Island – igus has introduced a flexible cable for use in energy chains that delivers motor power and feedback functions through a single cable.

The new CF280.UL.H cable is a hybrid servo cable offered as an expansion to the chainflex line of cables for moving applications. The cable includes a 36-month service life guarantee. Cable can be ordered in raw cable lengths or as a connectorized readycable. The CF280.UL cable is compatible with motors and drives from over 39 manufacturers, including Siemens and Allen Bradley.

Hybrid cable technology has been introduced by drive manufacturers who have streamlined their cable connections to eliminate the encoder cable. By utilizing bus cable technology for their encoder feedback, they have designed the system to work with one cable combining power and feedback functions.

igus’ highly flexible CF280.UL.H is designed for use in the energy chain. It is suitable for applications up to a bending radius of 10xD. igus has tested CF280.UL.H inside an energy chain with a 7x bend radius for up to 8 million cycles without mechanical failure or degradation of signal. igus performs tests on all chainflex cables under real conditions at the industry’s largest test lab.

The cable works reliably, even in temperatures of -13°F degrees to 176°F. A braided shield with a high covering ensures EMI protection over the life of the cable. Depending on the manufacturer's specification, the new hybrid line has a black or orange oil-resistant polyurethane outer jacket and is coolant-resistant and flame-retardant.

At the customer's request, igus Readycable assembles cables in accordance to the drive manufacturers’ specifications. igus offers more than 4,200 drive cables that comply to 24 manufacturer standards. All connectorized cables are electrically inspected after assembly to ensure proper function.