Plastic bearing

Plastic bearing

June 6, 2018

Igus Bearing
Design Components Materials

igus has developed a new tribo-plastic material for clip and flanged bearings that is highly elastic, chemical resistant, and withstands moisture.

The wear-resistant material, iglidur K230, will be used in clip and flanged bearings, which are commonly used in the sheet metal industry. The bearings are used because of their ease of installation and design, especially in sheet metal feedthroughs. Generally, those feedthroughs do not allow a plain bearing to be pressed in a mounting hole or housing. Instead, a bearing must align with the punch hole, which is usually quite rough, and thus guide the shaft safely.

igus’ clip bearing is guided through the hole using the smaller of the two flanges and then clipped into place. The lubrication-free K230 material is highly elastic and flexible, making it ideal for flange and clip bearings.

In addition to the standard range of clip bearings, there are also numerous customized solutions in which the K230 material can be used. The K230 properties are also for bearings in which a second flange is formed after inserting the bearing into the hole. Those bearings are frequently used in reducing friction and noise in car seats, and in other applications that require high flexibility and durability.

Testing by igus’ in-house laboratory confirmed that the K230 material resists wear, absorbs moisture only in extremely small quantities, and offers universal media resistance. It can also be used in humid environments and in applications in which temperatures reach up to 266°F.

igus offers the K230 material for clip and flanged bearings and customized designs, but is also available for plain bearings in standard sizes.