Heavy-duty turning center

Heavy-duty turning center

July 29, 2020

Hwacheon Machinery America


The Hi-TECH 750A YMC is quickly gaining popularity for its ability to machine high precision, heavy duty parts. Due to the Hi-TECH 750A YMC’s extensive range of specifications, industries all across the board benefit greatly from its outstanding machining performance.

The high level of machining accuracy is in large part due to the Super High-Torque Built-in Gear Driven Spindle that reaches up to 1,800rpm. The gear driven spindle not only greatly reduces machining time, it also en-hances productivity when combined with its Y-Axis and Live Tooling func-tions.

While the Hi-TECH 750A YMC is equipped with an 18” chuck, the Hi-TECH 750 B series comes equipped with a 21” chuck. Both the A and B series can handle up to a 24” Chuck with maximum cutting lengths up to 4,250mm and a maximum cutting diameter of 760mm.

There are many other additional user convenience enhancements to the Hi-TECH 750A YMC, one of them being its wide door window, allowing for better visibility when machining large materials. The highly rigid built-in tailstock, wide disc turret, and powerful milling function solidifies this lathe is a force to be reckoned with.