Machine tool control

Machine tool control

April 29, 2020


Heidenhain’s Gen 3 version of its high-end TNC 640 control is for machine manufacturers and end users looking for forward-thinking manufacturing capabilities. This control is useful for machines ranging from 3-axis milling to 5-axis simultaneous machining with milling, turning, and grinding operations with up to 24 axes. It’s scheduled to be displayed at IMTS 2020 in Chicago, Sept. 14-19, in booth #135226.

With the Gen 3 drives, Heidenhain’s TNC 640 boasts powerful inverters and controller technology that are key components in the complete system of its control package. Now providing even higher spindle and axis dynamics during the manufacturing process, these drives also require less space in its electrical cabinet, and result in reduced storage, mounting costs, and servicing time.

With Gen 3 drives serving as the new system foundation, new TNC 640 customers will benefit with high availability and surface quality with shortened machining times, as well as with any other upcoming path-breaking functions of Heidenhain controls.

Some new TNC 640 control features include new

  • Jig grinding functions
  • Extended Workspace Compact
  • Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) within its Dynamic Efficiency package
  • Dynamic Precision package
  • StateMonitor 1.3 to remotely monitor efficiency improvements, ROI of

The TNC 640 - Gen 3 control highlighted functions include:

  • Functions for grinding operations – The TNC 640 now supports jig grinding and and dressing of grinding tools. In addition, it can superimpose the tool axis with an optional reciprocating stroke which is necessary for many grinding applications.
  • Extended Workspace Compact – The new 24-inch widescreen features a divided screen for two work areas, allowing users to display additional applications alongside the control screen. Now the integration of HTML5 applications as well as capabilities for displaying cameras in the work envelope have been added.
  • OCM / ”Dynamic Efficiency” – The term “Dynamic Efficiency” encompasses HEIDENHAIN TNC package functions that result in significant improvements in heavy machining. The new Optimized Contour Milling (OCM) expands the proven trochoidal milling method in this package to include any pocket shape and island. It allows for the use of high cutting values without overloading the tool and can be programmed directly on the control. Compared with conventional machining, OCM allows workpieces to be manufactured at up to three times faster and with two-thirds reduction in tool wear.
  • “Dynamic Precision” – The term “Dynamic Precision” encompasses HEIDENHAIN TNC functions that significantly improve the contouring accuracy of machine tools, even at high feed rates and complex contour paths. This is available on Gen 3.