Harvey tool libraries for CAM support

Harvey tool libraries for CAM support

February 5, 2019

CNC Software Inc./Mastercam

Software Tooling/Cutting

Tolland, Connecticut – Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions’ tool libraries are available to Mastercam users on Mastercam’s Tech Exchange site. These libraries, optimized for all supported Mastercam versions, contain all the end mill options that can be found in Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions most recent catalogs, totaling to more than 15,000 tools now available for Mastercam users to import.

Importing accurate tool libraries vetted by both Mastercam and manufacturers directly into the software saves the machinist valuable time. Without these libraries, machinists would need to look up a tool in a manufacturer’s catalog and manually build the tool in Mastercam. Now, Mastercam users can download the Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions tool libraries to have those tool immediately available in Mastercam.

Users that take advantage of this feature can program confidently due to accurate tool dimensions and tool data optimized in partnership with Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions specifically for Mastercam. The balance of the Harvey Tool and Helical Solutions tool libraries, which will include Harvey Tool’s specialty profile cutting tools, holemaking and threading tools, and Helical Solutions’ chamfer mills, are under construction and will be released soon.