Updated connectivity series

Updated connectivity series

October 1, 2019

Fischer Connectors Inc.

Assembly Design Components

New features, configurations, materials, and active devices use the versatile and modular connectivity technology of the Fischer LP360 connector, the first product of the plug & use Fischer Freedom series launched in 2018:

• No key code and non-magnetic quick-release locking for easy 360° mating

• Membrane-sealed contacts for easy cleaning

• Easy integration thanks to low-profile design and ergonomics

The new USB 2.0 adaptor, LED, and flash drive have the Fischer LP360 panel plug directly integrated into their housing, enabling active solutions integrated into electronic networks where power source and communications are centralized within shared data & power buses and hubs. As for the new cabled receptacle in metal with 7 signal and power contacts, it’s a ready-to-use solution.