Variable helix carbide roughing end mill

Variable helix carbide roughing end mill

March 15, 2016

Haimer USA
Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

Villa Park, Illinois - HAIMER USA has introduced a new variable helix carbide roughing end mill to the market, designed for stainless steels and general steels. The Power Mill F1304NN series end mill combines variable flute geometry with a roughing cord profile design for more stable milling in machines with limited horsepower. The unequal helix design reduces vibration, thereby enabling higher metal removal rates with improved tool life.

The roughing cord configuration acts as chip-breakers to reduce radial load during milling and decrease the overall power consumption of the machine. Additional integration of Safe-Lock grooves on the shank of the cutting tool mean users have the option of combining the end mill with Safe-Lock holder technology to guarantee tool pullout and/or micro-creeping does not occur. A submicron carbide grade, fine balanced tool grinding and advanced AlTiN-based PVD coating further ensure maximum tool longevity. An ideal milling solution for when less than ideal machining conditions are present.  Available in inch and metric, stocked in USA.

Source: Haimer USA