High-performance end mills

High-performance end mills

June 16, 2021



West Boylston, Massachusetts – Emuge Corp. today announced the expansion of its Emuge-Franken TiNox-Cut End Mills line, designed for high-performance machining of demanding materials such as Inconel/nickel alloys, titanium, and stainless steel found in aerospace and other challenging applications. Four TiNox-Cut End Mill series are now offered, including the new 5-Flute N, NF, Base, and Trochoidal tools.

5-Flute TiNox-Cut N: This new coolant fed series features 5 flutes for high feed rates, a raised land that increases chip clearance, and is ALCR-coated. It is a high-performance tool designed for roughing and finishing, especially suitable for materials such as titanium and titanium alloys.

TiNox-Cut NF: This high-performance series features a fine chip breaker design that reduces chip size while reducing cutting forces. The tool features a proprietary TiN/TiALN coating in both coolant fed and solid designs and is ideal for semi-finishing difficult materials such as nickel alloys.

TiNox-Cut Base: The Base design is a material-specific style tool with a proprietary TiN/TiALN coating for roughing and finishing and is suitable for stainless and acid-resistant steels.

TiNox-Cut Trochoidal: For high metal removal rates, this tool series features a newly developed geometry, a proprietary TiN/TiALN coating and a chip breaker edge, which combined, reduces stress and vibration when machining difficult materials such as titanium and stainless steel. All tools are coolant fed for maximum performance. Designed for trochoidal milling via the overlapping movement of circular paths, these tools can rough and finish mill over 30% faster than standard designs, while increasing tool life.

Emuge-Franken TiNox-Cut End Mills are made from premium ultra-fine micro grain solid carbide with a maximized transverse rupture strength for high impact applications, and produce impressive results compared to conventional end mills. Advanced PVD-applied multi-layered coatings withstand excessive heat and provide superb wear resistance for longer tool life, and tool geometry is designed to produce minimal vibration when machining tough materials.

TiNox-Cut N, NF and Trochoidal end mills are available in axial internal coolant-through capability for maximum chip evacuation and cooling ability. TiNox-Cut N and TiNox-Cut Trochoidal tools are available in both square-end and corner radius configurations. Weldon flat shank construction is available in TiNox-Cut NF and TiNox-Cut Trochoidal tools and is compatible with Emuge FPC Milling Chucks featuring an anti-pullout pin lock system. Overall, the expanded line includes tools that are available in inch sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1" diameter, and in stub, standard, long, and extra-long lengths.