DESTACO’s PGM40 series servo positioner

DESTACO’s PGM40 series servo positioner

April 26, 2021


DESTACO officials announce the addition of the PGM40 Series Servo Positioner to its portfolio of high-performance rotary servo-positioning solutions. The PGM40 servo positioner has been designed for use in small, medium and relatively high-speed positioning applications in transportation, consumer, packaging, industrial, molding, clean room, fixture/testing and assembly processes, and has the capability to provide sub-positioning on larger servo-positioning setups.

The leading feature of the PGM40 servo positioner is its precision-engineered parallel-cam design, which enables it to combine high indexing accuracy with rigid performance. Additionally, the PGM40 has low input inertia, allowing it to operate more precisely while reducing the starting torque required and demanding less overall torque from the servomotor.

“The PGM40 Servo Positioner is the perfect solution for those manufacturers who may be looking to transition from a traditional two-point-stop pneumatic indexer to one powered by a servomotor that has the capability to stop at multiple indexing points,” said Matt Girand, DESTACO’s Vice President & General Manager, Americas and Global Automation. “The features of the PGM40 make it a cost-effective solution that is ideal for use on portable OEM machines that need to be flexible, lightweight, highly compact and as precise as possible.”

The construction of the PGM40 servo positioner allows it to handle high payloads despite its compact housing, thanks to its high power-to-weight ratio and its integrated motor-clamp system makes it compatible with all standard third-party gear-head motor couplings. The PGM40 also features a large central opening that enables it to easily accommodate a variety of wiring and piping. Finally, the PGM40’s “lubricated for life” design greatly reduces the need for maintenance, essentially making it a “set it and forget it” product.