Hemming joining process

Hemming joining process

March 22, 2019



Southfield, Michigan – Robotics company and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) subsidiary Comau’s Smart Hemmer robotic roller hemming process is a compact, symmetrical roller hemmer able to hem any complex joint.

Developed for electric, hybrid, and traditional lightweight vehicles, it allows automakers to join dissimilar materials using a cold process that grants complete control throughout the process.

Smart Hemmer increases efficiency and accuracy. Two flexible rollers include a linear roller that can automatically disengage when encountering obstacles or a curved path, avoiding the costly and inflexible fixed anvil.

Smart Hemmer can perform curved path hemming and manage complex angles as part of a single, continuous process. Smart Hemmer is also able to maintain a constant hemming thickness even when encountering multiple layers of dissimilar materials

The Industry 4.0-compliant hemming head, jointly developed by Comau and a world-class automotive manufacturer, offers high reliability, inherent flexibility, and complete process control while ensuring the geometric uniformity of the assembled parts.