Special application end mills

Special application end mills

August 24, 2020

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

Designed for specialty applications, both new Carmex end mills feature rugged carbide substrates and multi-layered coatings for improved cutting action and longer tool life.

The Solid Carbide Radius Fillet End Mill is configured for different radius filleting. Available with two, three, and four flutes, it also features a cylindrical shank DIN 6535 HA.

The CR-Supercut High Feed End Mill is designed for high feed rates with shallow cutting depths for a wide range of materials up to 56 HRC. The CRSupercut line is ideal for high performance cutting (HPC) in a variety of hard-to-machine materials.

“These latest additions to our expanding line of end mills were introduced at EMO and were exceptionally well received by customers,” says Jim White, National Sales Manager for Carmex USA. “Both are intended for specialty applications and, as such, have been constructed for high performance and long life.”