Coated carbide thread mills

Coated carbide thread mills

April 17, 2018

Carmex Precision Tools LLC
Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

Richfield, Wisconsin – Constructed of rugged MT8 carbide with Carmex’s exclusive BLU coating, the new Fast-MT (FMT) thread mill delivers accurate thread geometry and surface quality in shorter cycle times. Unlike conventional taps, the FMT can thread up to the bottom of a blind hole while delivering the high reliability necessary for complex parts.

FMT’s high-speed performance results from the increased number of flutes, which require an extremely heavy-duty carbide grade, as well as advanced coating technology in order to ensure the highest degree of performance and longer tool life.

In a recent test, an FMT thread mill with a 6-fluted cutter and internal coolant created a 10mm internal right-hand thread to the bottom of a blind hole in SAE 4340 steel. The cycle time was 1.5 seconds and the tool life was 2,170 threads. In that test, and in any number of other applications, the FMT is emerging as a thread mill for high production/high demand applications.