Neodynium magnets

Neodynium magnets

March 13, 2018

Bunting Magnetics Co.

Newton, Kansas – Bunting Magnetics Co. will extend its product line to include N52 sintered neodymium magnets, the highest strength grade of rare earth magnets. The magnets will be sold on-line through its e-commerce website

Neodymium magnets have allowed engineers to miniaturize products, by allowing a stronger grade serve the same purpose as a larger one.

Beginning with the grade N27, neodymium magnets were introduced more than 15 years ago. After several advancements, the industry standard is now the N42; however, the N52 is 10% to 15% more powerful.

It is an emerging market and the magnets are used in a wide variety of applications, including sensors, switches, holding assemblies, security, and communications devices.

Bunting carries the largest selection of N52 magnets in the industry. The inventory includes a variety of sizes for plugs (including plugs with adhesive backing), disks, cylinders, rectangles, rings, and countersunk rings. They are available in thickness from 0.06” to 3.00” thick.

Bunting has also lowered prices on grade N42 magnets.